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Garlic Chive Aloo Gobi Toasties

A little leftover aloo gobi – what to do? Most Indian dishes are yummier on the second/third days because the spices have had a good chance to sink in. But by day two, having been “fridge-erated”,  the aloo gobi can do with a little shake up.

To give your leftover aloo gobi an extra zing – add a dollop of Holy Cow! Himalayan Hot garlic sauce, and throw in a few chopped chives or spring onions. (If you don’t have my garlic sauce, just fry off a little chopped garlic and throw it in.

More naan? Always! Yawn. The Pièce de résistance: The Sandwich Toaster…

It’s too easy for words – so here’s a little film, just because…

Coming up very soon…. keeping with the colourful classic theme – Masoor Daal.

Red Lentils (Indian style!)

One comment on “Garlic Chive Aloo Gobi Toasties

  1. theseatedcook
    January 7, 2014

    This looks really good. I recently made aloo gobi for the first time. I like how you made a toastie out of it.

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